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AlignerCo Review: Better Than Invisalign and SmileDirectClub?

Historically, the only way to change your smile was to get braces or Invisalign from your dental practitioner – however that’s no longer the case. Today, at-home clear aligner brand names like AlignerCo make attaining your perfect smile both economical and hassle-free. .

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AlignerCo sticks out from the other clear aligner brands for one primary factor: they have the most affordable price-point in the industry, without a doubt. When it comes to dental treatment, cost isn’t the only factor to consider. In this AlignerCo review, we’ll walk you through everything you ought to understand prior to deciding whether or not they’re the ideal fit for you. .

AlignerCo is our # 1 suggestion for anyone seeking the most budget-friendly clear aligner treatment offered. AlignerCo may not provide all the bells & whistles that some other suppliers do, however that doesn’t mean they do not deliver high-quality results.

Bottom line, if you’re trying to find an economical and reliable clear aligner service, AlignerCo is difficult to beat. At $1,145, their price point rings in around 40% lower than the industry average. .

If you decide to acquire AlignerCo, you can get $150 off your SmileAdvantage plan by using “SAVE150” at checkout. The SmileAdvantage plan consists of the impression set, complete aligner treatment, and one set of aftercare retainers. Typically, their treatment costs $1,145, however this discount rate takes that rate down to $995. For a restricted time, this deal will also get you a totally free, superior LED teeth whitening set.

What is AlignerCo?
If you have actually done some research on at-home teeth aligning, you currently understand that AlignerCo is simply among many choices, consisting of byte, Honest, SmileDirectClub, and more. Like these other business, AlignerCo establishes an individualized aligner treatment, then handcrafts the aligners and sends them directly to you.

What truly sets AlignerCo apart is their incredibly economical costs, which are much lower than the market average. But their cheap costs don’t imply you’ll get an inexpensive product. AlignerCo doesn’t compromise safe and premium treatment in the name of lower costs, so you can be confident in the care you’ll receive.

AlignerCo not just has the most affordable price on the market at $1,145, however they likewise offer convenient financing prepare for their top quality treatment. .

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How Does AlignerCo Work?
Your first move will be to submit molds of your teeth utilizing an impression set. AlignerCo’s oral team will use them to determine if you’re a good candidate for treatment and, if so, create a treatment strategy. They’ll send you this treatment sneak peek that demonstrates how your teeth will move every step of the method. If it looks great, you can sign off and they’ll get to work producing your aligners. .

Once your aligners get here, it’s showtime. You’ll use them for 20-22 hours each day (just eliminating them to eat, consume, brush, and floss) and, throughout a number of months, your teeth will slowly move to their brand-new positions.

Pros & Cons of AlignerCo
AlignerCo’s costs are appealing – there’s no doubt about that. We constantly suggest taking a look at both sides of the coin prior to making the dive into treatment. AlignerCo takes the # 3 area on our home aligner rankings, but that’s not an approximate placement.

We have actually been throughout the Web and back looking into AlignerCo, and we have actually distilled our findings into a basic benefits and drawbacks list:


  • AlignerCo is quickly the most budget-friendly option amongst the aligner business we evaluated, and they occasionally run sales, dropping their rate even lower.
  • Their aligners are made from Essix plastic, an experienced and well-respected company of dental products.
  • AlignerCo now uses NightOnly treatment as an easier & flexible treatment choice.
  • They’ve received consistent praise for their attentive, handy client service.
  • AlignerCo does not need a credit look for their SmileFlex Easy financing plan, so everybody certifies (their standard SmileFlex plan requires a soft credit check). .


  • Unlike Honest and SmileDirectClub, AlignerCo doesn’t have any physical places that provide free teeth scans.
  • AlignerCo is not the fastest treatment option offered. Their strategies take 6-11 months, compared the three-month average reported by byte (our # 1-ranked supplier).
  • AlignerCo could be slightly slower to prepare your strategy and ship your aligners than a few of their rivals.

Do the Pros Outweigh the Cons?
According to our research? Yes. AlignerCo uses a quality product at a super-low price point. If expense is at the top of your concern list, AlignerCo might be your ideal match. .

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Orthodontic treatment is an investment of your money and time, so you do not wish to dive in headfirst with validating that it can deliver the outcomes you desire. AlignerCo does not have a big client base yet, however they’ve provided some quality results currently.

Like we discussed above, AlignerCo is mostly planned for moderate and moderate cases of crowding and spacing. Bite concerns like overbite and underbite don’t always prevent you from treatment, but their dental experts and orthodontists will need to assess your smile to see if you’re an excellent prospect first.

Invisalign Buffalo Grove

You’ll have the alternative to examine a digital preview of your treatment before progressing, and there’s no commitment to do so. But if it looks good, go all out!

AlignerCo utilizes plastics from RaintreeEssix to produce their aligners. Essix is a recognized, trusted dental supply company and a number of other aligner business use their items.
Quality products indicate quality products. AlignerCo creates long lasting and reliable aligners by partnering with RaintreeEssix, whose premium plastics have actually been a staple in the clear aligner industry since 2005. This ensures that your aligners will be durable and long-lasting, able to communicate the outcomes you were guaranteed.

They aren’t quite as experienced in the house aligner video game as other producers like Align Technology, but you can still trust Essix products. .

AlignerCo has made efficiency a top priority, guaranteeing care from specialized specialists and items made from premier materials.


Historically, the high cost for braces and Invisalign has made getting straighter teeth a considerable financial burden. Making matters worse, health insurance companies rarely cover this kind of treatment, and oral insurance will typically reimburse just a little portion of the cost.

A significant advantage of home teeth aligner companies like AlignerCo is the price point, which is far more affordable than alternative treatment alternatives. At-home teeth aligning services have made orthodontic treatment far more available by bringing efficient clear aligners right to your doorstep with a much lighter impact on your wallet. Home aligners quickly beat Invisalign’s $3,000 – $8,000, and AlignerCo takes cost a step further.

AlignerCo’s $1,145 sticker price beats the market average by numerous hundred dollars, making them by far the most inexpensive alternative. .


o make aligner expenses more workable, AlignerCo deals two various funding choices.
Can’t pay simultaneously? No worries. AlignerCo offers you two ways to break that lump sum into bite-sized portions: SmileFlex and SmileFlexEasy.

AlignerCo partners with Splitit to provide their standard SmileFlex plan, which is 12 monthly payments of $110. It needs a soft credit check, so not everyone certifies. If your credit rating isn’t ideal, no concerns! Their 2nd plan, SmileFlex Easy, does not require a check, so it’s open to every consumer. This plan includes 11 monthly payments of $95, but needs a $275 downpayment. .


Aside from the cost, among the greatest barriers to pursuing a more comfortable smile is standard orthodontics’ heavy time commitment. In between work, family, good friends, and hopefully a long time for enjoyable, we all lead busy lives. Your schedule might be loaded complete and regular monthly workplace gos to aren’t most likely how you would select to spend your precious downtime. Nevermind requiring time off work every month for these trips to the dental practitioner. On top of that, you may not have a crucial occasion this year (not 2 or three years down the road) and want to finish treatment ASAP. .

By delivering the aligners straight to your home, business like AlignerCo do away with the monthly workplace visits. This means you can utilize that time you would have spent in the patient chair to see a good friend, wrap up a huge work task, go on a date, rest, or anything else. Many home aligner business ensure treatment conclusion in half a year or less, compared to the normal 18 months for braces and 12 months for Invisalign.

From impressions to full aligner kit, you can anticipate to wait 4-5 weeks.
You nailed the impression kit, loaded it up, and sent out everything back. Once they receive your impressions, AlignerCo will return a treatment sneak peek in 12-14 days. If the strategy looks good, let them know that you ‘d like to continue with treatment (although there’s no commitment at this point). After you authorize the strategy and spend for your aligners, they will arrive on your doorstep in 2-3 more weeks. If there are no drawbacks in the process, and you react to your treatment plan right away, you’ll kick off your aligner treatment 4-5 weeks after returning your impressions. That may appear like a while, but it’s actually quicker than many house aligner companies.

Start to finish, your treatment will take 6-11 months.
The most considerable factor in identifying your total treatment length is your condition seriousness. More complex cases merely take longer to remedy. Choose AlignerCo and the treatment will likely last between 6 and 11 months, depending on your condition. Most home aligner treatments last around 6 months (and byte is the fastest with a blazing 3-month treatment time), so AlignerCo falls right in line with the industry average, potentially slightly slower.

This is assuming, obviously, that you follow your proposed treatment standards and regularly wear your aligners for 20-22 hours per day. Fail to stay with AlignerCo’s wear directions and your treatment will likely take longer.


If you cringe at the thought of sporting highly noticeable brackets and wires to a special event or simply in daily life, you’re not alone. Many adults opt for more discreet choices when choosing a teeth alignment treatment, and this is where home aligners excel. A crucial selling point of all clear aligner products is that they are much less noticeable than braces. For this reason, all clear aligners items score well on look in our rankings, and AlignerCo is no exception. .

That said, not all clear aligners are created equal in terms of look. They are all made from transparent, BPA-free plastic, however each brand looks a bit different due to variations in materials and manufacturing processes.

AlignerCo declares to have the “world’s clearest invisible aligners.”
AlignerCo advertises their aligners as the clearest in the industry, and they’re not lying. Their aligners definitely are transparent, however does this mean they’re the best looking? All of it depends on your individual preference. Smooth, clear aligners can be somewhat reflective, making your teeth look artificially glossy. Other companies use a textured, “frosted” plastic in their aligners. This may seem counterintuitive, however your teeth naturally have matte surfaces, so this texture much better mimics their look.


Client Friendliness
Dental treatment is expensive, and you only have one set of teeth. It’s essential to feel positive and protected in your treatment provider. You want to make sure that they will care for you and have your back if anything fails. .

When it pertains to customer care, here’s what we found about AlignerCo:

As a smaller sized business, AlignerCo’s consumer assistance appears mindful and responsive.
Among the benefits of being a newer, growing company is the capability to provide each consumer personal attention. In their evaluations, consumers constantly praise AlignerCo’s service group, noting quick reaction times and helpful agents.

They’re offered by phone from 9am – 9pm, seven days a week, and by e-mail or web chat anytime. We evaluated out their web chat and got answers to our questions immediately. And AlignerCo states that they’ll react to email inquiries within 24 hr.

Having trouble with your impression kit? They likewise use video chat support to assist you through the procedure.


What are AlignerCo Customers Stating?
When we examine a business like AlignerCo, our very first move is to dig through client evaluates to comprehend typical client issues and desires.

As we mentioned earlier, AlignerCo is a fairly new company. They don’t yet have a ton of legitimate customer reviews and testimonials, so it is difficult to develop a fully-formed view. However by vigilantly browsing the internet, we had the ability to find a handful of evaluations that feel honest and authentic, not sponsored by the company.

Based upon these evaluations, AlignerCo clients typically feel positive about their experience. Lots of clients at first thought about AlignerCo for the price, however ended up loving their results and customer care experience. They frequently applaud company representatives by name, revealing AlignerCo’s personalized care.

However again, this is based upon a little sample size of evaluations. As they continue to grow, they’ll build up more and we’ll get a more complete photo of their customer experience. .

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