10 Secrets About Aircraft Hangars They Aren’t Telling You!

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Aircraft hangars are more than just shelters for airplanes; they are complex and highly specialized structures that play a crucial role in the aviation industry. From providing protection and maintenance facilities to ensuring the safety of both aircraft and personnel, hangars are a fundamental part of aviation infrastructure. In this article, we will uncover 10 secrets about aircraft hangars that aren’t often discussed but are essential for anyone involved in aviation.


Aircraft hangar are the unsung heroes of the aviation world. They are not merely storage spaces but intricate structures designed to safeguard valuable aircraft, facilitate maintenance, and support various operational needs. Whether you are a pilot, aircraft owner, or aviation enthusiast, understanding these hangar secrets can help you make informed decisions and optimize your aviation experience.

The Evolution of Aircraft Hangars

Early history and simple shelters

Aircraft hangars have come a long way since the early days of aviation. Initially, they were simple wooden structures that provided basic protection from the elements. As aircraft technology advanced, so did hangar designs.

World War I and the birth of military hangars

The need for military aircraft during World War I led to the development of large, military-grade hangars. These hangars were essential for protecting valuable warplanes from damage.

Advances in design and technology

Today’s hangars are the result of decades of Springfield Steel Buildings innovation. They are equipped with advanced features and technologies that ensure the safety and functionality of modern aircraft.

Types of Aircraft Hangars

Aircraft hangars come in various types, each serving different purposes.

Open-air hangars

Open-air hangars provide basic shelter and are often used for short-term storage of aircraft.


T-hangars are popular at small airports and offer individual spaces for aircraft.

Box hangars

Box hangars are versatile and can house larger aircraft or multiple smaller ones.

Maintenance hangars

Maintenance hangars are equipped with facilities for repairing and maintaining aircraft.

Secret #1: Hangar Size Matters

The size of a hangar is a critical factor. It must accommodate the aircraft comfortably and allow space for maintenance and movement.

Secret #2: Climate Control and Ventilation

Maintaining the right climate inside a hangar is vital to prevent corrosion and protect sensitive equipment. Proper ventilation is essential to ensure a safe environment.

Secret #3: Hangar Doors – More Than Just Entryways

Hangar doors serve more than just an entry and exit point. They contribute to security, accessibility, and the overall functionality of the hangar.

Secret #4: Fire Safety Measures

Fire safety is paramount in hangars due to the presence of flammable fuels and materials. Hangars must meet strict fire safety regulations.

Secret #5: Hangar Flooring

Durable flooring is essential to withstand the weight and movement of aircraft. Epoxy coatings are a popular choice for hangar floors.

Secret #6: Security and Surveillance

Hangars house valuable assets, making security a top priority. Modern hangars use advanced surveillance systems to ensure safety.

Secret #7: Hangar Lighting

Adequate lighting is crucial for maintenance and safety. Energy-efficient lighting solutions are gaining popularity.

Secret #8: Environmental Considerations

Sustainable practices, such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting, are becoming increasingly important in hangar design.

Secret #9: Hangar Maintenance

Regular maintenance and inspections are essential to keep hangars in top condition and prevent corrosion.

Secret #10: Customization and Future-Proofing

Customizing hangars to specific needs and considering future technological advancements can extend their lifespan and functionality.


Aircraft hangars are far more than mere storage spaces. They are the guardians of valuable aircraft, the hubs of maintenance and innovation, and the silent heroes of the aviation industry. Understanding these 10 secrets about aircraft hangars empowers you to make informed decisions and ensures the longevity and efficiency of your aviation endeavors.


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