5 Types of Cable Assemblies You May Need

It can be difficult to shop around for cable assemblies. It can be difficult to find the right product for your company. We’ve listed 5 common types of cable assemblies and their applications to make sure you get exactly what you want.

What Is A Cable Assembly, The Process, and 5 Common Cable Assemblies | QL- Custom.com | Custom Over molding Cable Wire Harness Manufacturer

Cable Assemblies of Military Grade

You may think of military-grade items as something simple and rugged that can be dropped from a helicopter. Most likely, you’re correct – military grade cables are used in a variety of applications, including tactical, aerospace, and marine. Cable assemblies that are marked military-grade must meet certain requirements. Separate requirements apply to the connectors and wires in the cables. It is important to consider the intended use of the assembly. Cable assemblies for underwater environments have different requirements than those for planes. These cable assemblies of military grade are required for inter-shelter communication, remote weapon control, field communications, and airborne systems.

RF/EMI Cable Assemblies

Our world is extremely noisy. Each cable you have is likely adding to the noise. Radio frequency interference is the radio frequency spectrum’s radio frequency interference. EMI references electromagnetic interference. “Both man-made as well as natural sources can generate electrical currents and voltages which can cause electromagnetic interference (EMI), such ignition systems, cellular network mobile phones, lightning and solar flares. The disturbance can cause the circuit to malfunction or degrade its performance. These effects may include an increase in error rates or total loss of data. There are times when you might want these signals. To determine the best solution for you, it is important to consult your Cable Assembly maker.

Molded Cable Assemblies

Most likely, you have seen many molded cable assemblies during your non-work life. Molded cable assemblies are common for HDMI cables. Below is an image of an HDMI Cable under its molded shell. Molded assemblies are often used for applications that require a more durable or finished appearance. If these are your requirements, a moldable cable assembly might be the best choice.

You can make shells from plastic or metal. They can be shielded and unshielded.

Coaxial Round Assembled

They have been around since the beginning of time and are still very reliable. You almost certainly have at least one coax cable in your home – these are the black, stabby cables that you plug into your TV to get cable (or cover behind furniture since no one has it anymore).

Coaxial cables are type of electric cable with an inner conductor and surrounded by a tubular insulation layer. This is then surrounded by a conducting shield. Many coaxial cables have an outer jacket or sheath that is insulating. The coaxial term comes from the inner conductor sharing a geometrical axis with the outer shield. There are many uses for Custom cable assembly, including cable internet and applications in vehicles and aircraft.

Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Flat Ribbon cables are really cool. Instead of wires being wrapped in a sheath, flat ribbon cables organize the wires nicely. A ribbon cable is a wire that’s neatly organized in a flat ribbon. If you have ever opened an old computer, you might have noticed it. A ribbon cable allows you to color code each wire and see it individually. Ribbon cables are designed to enable mass termination of specially-designed IDC connectors. The ribbon cable is then forced onto a row or sharp forked contacts.


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