A Guide To Vox Amps: Which One Is Right For Me?

Vox has been around since the 1950s. They have a rich history. The brand has become synonymous with the 1960s British invasion music movement. A Vox amp has been used by almost everyone at one time or another. Chances are that you’ll find an AC30 or AC15 in a decently decorated recording studio. Vox amps are not only great for classic rock/pop players, but they also have amps that can be used by any type of player. Here’s a quick overview of the different Vox amps and their differences. Hopefully it will help you decide which Vox amp you like best.

Vox Bobcat V90 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Sunburst

Vox Mini3

The Vox Mini3 amp is small and compact. It is a modeling amplifier. It emulates the sound and tone of many amplifiers, so you can get classic VoxLinks to an external site. cleans to classic rock crunch to high-gain metal tones. You can also run an acoustic or microphone through it. You can keep it on your desktop or in the living area. If you need to take it with you, it can be charged from a battery.

Vox VX Series

Another amp that uses modelling technology to provide a wide variety of tones. This time, it uses new ‘Virtual Element Technology.’ It combines both digital and analogue amp designs. There are 11 virtual amps, including the AC30, and built-in modulation, delay/reverb effects. You can also save 22 presets to make it easy to recall your favorite settings. Other useful features include an aux in port for your MP3 player and a headphone output to practice silently.

These amps are ideal for beginners because they allow players to learn about all the amp types and effects available. The VX-II outputs 30 watts, while the VX-II produces 15 watts. This amp would be loud enough for a drummer to use and also allow for smaller gigs.

Vox AV Series

Vox AV amps feature a 12AX7 tube preamp. The amps have a rich and warm sound due to this tube in the preamp. Eight circuits are used to produce different sounds, from clean to distorted to all the way in between. You can also use the bright and fat switch to dial in the tone you desire, along with a few effects onboard. The cabinet is retro-inspired and has been engineered to increase resonance. Vox AV models range from bedroom use (AV15) to gigs (AV60), with the AV30 somewhere in between.

Vox Valve Reactor (VR) Series

The Vox VR amplifiers feature the 12AX7 tube in their power stage, just like the AV range. This tube interacts with both the power amp amp and speaker, giving it the same feel and tone as a valve amplifier but in a very affordable package. The AC15VR as well as the AC30VR both have two channels. The overdrive channel has an additional style that gives two distinct flavours of gain. The VR series can produce classic KorgLinks to an external site. sounds as well as British crunch or more modern higher gain sounds. These amps sound great with VX12 Celestion speakers. They have an elegant simplicity that is incredibly simple to use. These amps are instantly recognisable thanks to their timeless Vox design.

Vox AC Range

The Vox AC30 amp is one of the most well-known. Its 15-watt counterpart offers the same great sound but with a lower output. Vox’s flagship range, the AC range, is a highly sought-after range. These are great for all kinds of music, including jazz, blues and rock. They can also take pedals well so even if your preference is for heavier music, you can stick a Tube Screamer, or something similar, in front of the High input and crank it up.

They are most well-known for their 60s British Invasion sound. You can get incredible chimey and clean tones. If you crank the volume up, you will get incredible natural overdrive. This reminds you of classic rock and pop. The AV, VX, and Valve Reactor ranges sound great, especially for the price, but there is no substitute for a Valve Amp. Three 12AX7s, four (AC30), or two (AC15), EL84s give these amps incredible power and tone. The AC10, AC4 have been released in smaller sizes. To match with the cab, there’s even an AC15 head and AC30 . These are so good that I could go on and on about them. But, I’ll just give you a list of artists and bands who have used them.

Vox Handwired is the highest-end Vox series and has everything the AC range has to give. Handwired Vox amps combine the best of vintage and modern amp design. The way they are made means that you have the most efficient signal path between your guitar and the amp’s sound. There is very little colouration in your tone. You can also add more gain to these amps by using the Hot/Cool switch.

These amps sound incredible, and you will hear them on some of the most important stages in the world. The Handwired Voice AC Amps can be used for everything from country music to punk rock, and the AC30HW2 has been my favorite amp.

Difference between The Vox Speakers: Greenbacks VS Bluebacks

What is the difference between speakers in an AC30 and AC15? Bluebacks are better than Greenbacks, or vice versa. Both speakers sound great, and neither is better than the other. Alnico Blue speakers are the most associated with the classic AC sound. They offer a bit more chime, so if you are looking for that classic sound, ACs with Alnico Blues may be worth a look. The Greenbacks still sound unmistakably Vox. They still have chime, but have more presence in the middle frequencies than the Alnico blues. The Greenbacks sound great when amps are overdriven. This is why a lot of classic rock musicians love them. Both speaker types work well with the amp, but they have a different sound.

We hope this information has helped you to understand the Vox series better and help you choose the best Vox amp. Vox has something for everyone, no matter what your musical tastes may be. Vox is a company steeped in history that produces a unique sound that can’t be duplicated anywhere else. Vox amps are a popular choice for many reasons. Come in to the store and see one!


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