Choosing the right Vancouver Roofing Company

Did you know that a properly installed and maintained roof system is an integral component of the building envelope? This means it should be taken seriously. Your home’s first line against the elements, so if its exterior looks good then chances are great for the inside to dry as well!

But how do you pick a good roofing contractor?

When you are in the market for a new roof, make sure to do your research and interview several contractors such as Paragon Roofing BC. It’s important that every detail is taken into consideration from pricing options all the way down how long they have been working on this specific type of project – because it can be flattering when someone interviews us who already knows what our company’s strengths may involve! Price alone shouldn’t be a factor in determining who you choose to trust with your roof.

The Vancouver Roofing.Company you select, needs to uphold high quality standards, roofs last for a lifetime, if done correctly. House values in the vancouver region are in the millions, skimming a few thousands on an essential component as roof, can lead to additional avoidable costs.

Our 4 Tips on Choosing the Right Vancouver Roofing Company

Training and Certifications

In order to ensure proper installation, some shingles manufacturers offer specific product training their installers. Ask potential roofing contractors what kind of training they have been through and if this is something you’re interested in pursuing with your own contractor as well!

Check for Insurance

When hiring a contractor, it is important that they have worker’s compensation and general liability insurance. Worker’s Comp will provide coverage if they are injured during work on the site. While General Liability protects your home from any damages incurred during the project. A Vancouver Roofing Company such as Paragon Roofing BC, has these insurances.

Get It in Writing                                

When looking for a Vancouver Roofing Company, it is important to have specific requirements and expectations. A formalized contract protects both the homeowner by providing them with clear terms of their agreement as well as the roofing company.


When it comes to your roof, don’t be fooled by low prices. A professional contractor such as Paragon Roofing BC with proper insurance will need to recover those costs from the roofing project. The Roofing Contractor, will be paying their employees a decent wage, based on their skill and keeping upto date with all government requirements. These costs means peace of mind for you and your home for years to come!

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