How To Use CBD To Help Alleviate Anxiety

While delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can have a bad rap for being intoxicating and anxiety-inducing, cannabidiol (CBD) can actually be used to relieve anxiety. Numerous studies have supported this benefit. According to OnePoll, 51% U.S. adults use CBD to help reduce their anxiety.

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CBD has not yet been legalized as an anxiolytic or anxiety relief medication. It’s up you, and ideally, a cannabis administrator, to determine if CBD is safe for you.

Here are the facts about CBD’s anxiolytic effects. Experts also offer advice and dosage guidelines on how to safely take CBD.

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CBD for Anxiety

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has not approved any CBD-based medication for anxiety. Many studies have shown that CBD can be effective in anxiolytic effects.

CBD for Generalized Anxiety

A small study tested CBD on people with generalized anxiety disorder (SAD). The participants were also healthy controls. They had to undergo a simulated public speaking task (SPST) which is an anxiety testing method [1]. CBD significantly decreased anxiety and discomfort among participants with SAD, compared to a placebo. Their anxiety levels were actually comparable to the levels of control participants.

A 2019 test, eight years later, examined the effectiveness of three CBD dosages (150, 300, and 600 mgs respectively) and a placebo for men who took an SPST . The 300-milligram CBD dose significantly decreased anxiety in participants during speech when compared to the placebo. However, the 150-milligram, 600-milligram, and 600-milligram CBD doses didn’t. These results show that CBD dosage is not always the most effective.

Another 2019 study tested CBD in lower doses than other clinical trials. Participants consumed 25 mgs of CBD per day, while others consumed 50mgs or 75mgs per day [3]. Higher doses of CBD might prove too costly for participants to afford in their daily lives, so researchers suggested that lower doses could still be effective. Participants experienced a decrease in anxiety within the first month. However, their levels remained low for the remainder of the study. Although sleep quality improved, it fluctuated more than anxiety. Three patients only reported side effects.

CBD Oil for Depression and Anxiety

Researchers tested the effects of cannabis oil on 397 people suffering from a range of conditions [4]. Participants who had non-cancer pain and mental health-related symptoms saw significant improvements in anxiety, depression, and their ability to continue their normal activities. These groups also experienced significant pain relief from CBD Oil for Sleep.

CBD for PTSD & Phobia Therapy

A 2019 small study with 11 patients showed that CBD reduced the severity of PTSD symptoms [5].

Studies have shown that CBD may reduce PTSD symptoms when combined with THC [6]. The combination of the two compounds can create the “entourage effect” where THC increases the effects of CBD while CBD tempers THC’s effects .

There are also studies that suggest CBD may enhance the effects of exposure therapy, which assists patients in dissociating cues with fear responses–and cognitive behavior therapy [8] [9] .

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How to use CBD for anxiety

There is no clear FDA guidance on CBD for anxiety. The best CBD dosages will vary from one person to the next. One method may work better than another for you. These are the forms of CBD you can use:

  • Tinctures are available in dropper bottles. They can be taken by mouth.
  • Gummies are sweet, chewable and often fruit-flavored.
  • Sprays are available in bottles that have a nozzle so you can spray in your mouth
  • Capsules are softgels, tablets or capsules that can be taken by mouth as a pill.
  • Vapes heat CBD oil without it being ignited, producing inhalable vapor
  • Flowers are dried hemp plants, which are often ignited and smoked.
  • Creams and gels that inject CBD topically (through skin) are used as a local treatment.

It may take several forms of treatment to find the best one for you. Vaping and smoking are better than edibles such as gummies when it comes to Buy CBD in the UK absorption in the bloodstream.

CBD Dosage to Reduce Anxiety

It is also important to determine the best CBD dosage to alleviate anxiety. Experts recommend starting small and moving up depending on how your body reacts.

High doses are often tested in clinical trials. These doses have been shown to be effective in anxiety relief:

  • 600 mgs of SAD patients in a speech simulator [10]
  • 300 mg in male patients during a speech simulator [11]

Other trials have shown that lower doses of medication are effective in anxiety treatment.

  • 25 to 75 mgs for generalized anxiety or sleep problems [12]
  • 33 to 49 mg per day are recommended for PTSD.

A study that involved hundreds of patients found success with CBD doses ranging from 40 to 300 mg per day. This further supports the notion that CBD dosages can vary based on individual symptoms and physiology.

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Side Effects and Potential Risks

CBD is considered safe by the World Health Organization. If any, studies show that CBD has very few side effects.

CBD taken with other medications can pose a risk as they may interact and cause undesirable effects such as weight gain or drowsiness, upset stomach, change in appetite, and weight loss.

Cheryl Bugailiskis M.D. is a Heally cannabis specialist. Heally is a telehealth platform that offers alternative medicine. She also advises people who have liver problems and those taking drugs that can cause liver damage to be cautious when using CBD.


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