Is Belize A Safe Place To Retire?

Belize is the second-smallest country in Central America, both in terms of its size and population. This diverse country is home to many tourist towns, such as San Pedro and Placencia, and major metropolitan areas like Belmopan and Belize City. There’s also a lot more scenic beauty between. Like anywhere else, the place you choose to live in Belize can impact your quality of living. You don’t have to worry about crime when you move to Belize . Moving to a new place requires some adjustments. This is what you need to know regarding safety in Belize.

Can A US Citizen Live In Belize?

Violent Crime in Belize

There is no safe destination. However, Belize is relatively safe if you have common sense and are aware of the situation. Although Belize City has some rough neighborhoods, crime is rare and usually small in comparison to other Belizean towns. In Belize, material wealth is less important than health. Communities outside of major cities and tourist seasons tend to be small enough to ensure that crime does not flourish.

Travel Risks in Belize

The risk of crime is more important in Belize than the road problem. It’s not uncommon for infrastructure to be lacking between major villages. However, cars aren’t an essential part of much of the country. Bicycles and golf carts are more common than trucks and cars on islands like Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, and along the coast in villages such as Placencia or Seine Bight. Major destinations such as San Ignacio Town have more cars, and the roads are generally better. Long-distance driving can be avoided if you have a taxi or a bus.

Financial Risk in Belize

Although everything, from real estate to burgers, is more affordable in Belize than the United States of America, that doesn’t mean you should be worried about the Belizean currency. Its value on the larger market, especially compared to U.S. dollars, has been extremely stable over the decades. The country is also commonly considered a tax shelter and offers generous exemptions for qualified retirees. Add in the familiar real-estate law and English as the national language and you have a country that allows you to comfortably invest in real property.

How to Stay Secure

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