Cross stitch supplies might not always be available in your area, but you can find all the essentials online. If you are just starting cross stitch, we have compiled a list with six essentials and the best places to buy them. If you are just getting started, there is no reason to feel overwhelmed. Just a few clicks and you can be on your way!

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  1. Fabric

Cross stitch is easy with ‘aida’, a light-coloured fabric. Zweigart is a leading manufacturer of high-quality fabrics. Aida is a favorite because it has been around for over 100 years. Caterpillar Cross Stitch kits include Aida as an option.

Aida fabric is basically a gridded cotton. It is classified by its ‘count’. The smaller the number, the more stitches are included in one inch. For children, 6 count aida is a great way to start. To get started for adults, you can try 14 count aida. Evenweave and linens are also popular cross stitch fabrics. Learn more about fabrics here.

  1. Thread

In the USA, you’ll often hear embroidery thread called “floss”, especially in the USA. DMC is a well-known supplier of floss. It is made from 100% Egyptian cotton with a wide range of colours. DMC threads have a beautiful, lustrous, and silky finish that makes them easy to use, strong, and beautiful. DMC threads are colourfast and will not shrink or run in wash, if you’re cautious. DMC thread is the best choice for every cross stitch pattern maker, but Anchor and Sublime are also well-known and widely used. There are many independent suppliers that hand-dye threads.

  1. Scissors

The best thing about embroidery scissors are their small and sharp points. This makes it easy to undo stitches and trim threads easily. You can choose from many vintage scissors, as well as unique designs like our special-stork scissors.

  1. Embroidery Hoop

You can choose to embroider hoops made of plastic or wood. It all depends on how you feel about embroidery. An excellent quality wooden hoop can be a great way to start. It comes in a range of sizes, from a small 4″ to a large 18” or 19” hoop.

A hoop that is approximately 7 inches in diameter will work well for most projects. You don’t have to fit all your designs into one hoop. To ensure that your stitching tension is perfect, make sure that the fabric is taut in the hoop before you begin. To ensure you get the best tension, a small screwdriver can be handy. When the fabric vibrates like a drum when you tap it, you will know that you have done it.

  1. The Pattern

Cross stitch is easy if you are a beginner. Back stitching is easier for some while whole stitches are simpler. A good pattern will have a chart and a colour pattern so you can choose the right colour thread and where to place it. Best cross stitch pattern maker can be professionally printed in color. Digital patterns are available in black and white as well as colour. Two red lines running in the middle of the pattern mark the center.

  1. Needle and Needle Minders

A tapestry needle is the best for beginners. It has a blunter end than a regular sewing needle. The best needle for beginners is a tapestry needle. They don’t rust and leave no marks on your fabric. Also, the threads glide easily through the eye. To make sure your needle never goes missing.

Cross stitch supplies are a great idea for beginners. It makes it easy to pick up projects and work on them whenever you have the time. It’s a small investment, but you will quickly see the benefits of a fun learning curve, many projects, and a lot of beautiful needlework.


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