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Meet 3M Marsh, A Zealand-Based Artist on the Rise

Blog Introduction: If you haven’t heard of 3M Marsh yet, chances are you will soon. This up-and-coming artist is quickly making a name for himself with his unique blend of soulful electronic music and innovative visuals. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this Zealand-based artist stand out from the crowd.

3M Marsh has always had a passion for music. Growing up in Wellington, New Zealand, he was surrounded by talented artists and producers who served as an inspiration to him. After experimenting with different genres and styles, he eventually settled on a combination of R&B and electronic production, which allowed him to showcase his own personal sound. His style is infectious and captivating; it’s no wonder why it’s gaining so much traction online.

3M Marsh doesn’t just focus on producing music; he also creates stunning visuals to accompany each track. He has collaborated with some of the best visual artists in the world—including VJ Bambi—to create eye-catching visuals that perfectly complement his music. These unique visuals have become part of the 3M Marsh experience and help draw listeners in even further.

In addition to creating music, 3M Marsh also puts on live performances around New Zealand. His shows combine powerful vocals with intricate instrumentation and mesmerizing visuals to create an unforgettable experience for concertgoers. He has already performed at some of New Zealand’s most iconic venues, including Meow in Wellington and Galatos in Auckland, and his fan base continues to grow every year.


3M Marsh is a truly special artist who has been able to carve out his own unique niche within the music industry. His combination of classic sounds with modern production techniques has earned him legions of fans worldwide—and it doesn’t look like that’s changing anytime soon! If you haven’t checked out 3M Marsh yet, now is definitely the time to do so! You won’t be disappointed!

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