This is how it all began

Q Vapehouse`s story began with one man. A long-time passionate smoker who had been smoking three packs of cigarettes a day, one autumn day in 2016, decided to try an electronic cigarette. The first feelings of doubt dissipated after only one week when that last pack of cigarettes stayed in the drawer and is still there to this day without ever looking back.

However, it didn’t end with personal fulfillment. Branko Nikolić, a founder of the Q Vapehouse brand, recognized a business opportunity at this life-turning event that led him on a tobacco-free path. A personal experience soon developed into a passion for encouraging and educating others to recognize electronic cigarettes as a great tool to quit smoking and as a less harmful alternative.

There’s potential in this niche

He would still smoke tobacco cigarettes if he hadn’t sought out the information that he needed to make the switch to electronic cigarettes more easily. When experimenting with e-cigarettes as a beginner, he faced the challenge of finding the most suitable hardwaree-liquidscoilheads, etc. He knew that as a smoker of 25 years, he would not settle for just any experience that would satisfy his need to smoke to the extent that he could give up tobacco cigarettes without hesitation.

At the time, users had to find their own way in the market. Salespeople in different stores did not have enough experience or reliable information to be able to provide customers with comprehensive decision-making support and advice about the use and selection of e-cigarettes based on buyers’ needs and expectations. Users had to rely on information from abroad, mostly the internet. The range of electronic cigarettes was also fairly poor and not diversified enough.

That’s how Branko saw the potential in this niche. His experiences in leading managerial positions in international companies boosted his confidence that he could implement the idea of a vape shop into practice and fill the gap in the market at the time.

Large selection in the online vape shop

Today, at Q Vapehouse Online, we follow the vision of tailoring the product range to diverse user needs. The online store offers a wide range of products that are best suited for beginners, as well as for those who already have experience and want to try more technologically advanced products for the ultimate experience.

The offer includes original and standardized products from world-renowned brands and manufacturers who count on quality and the best user experience. You can choose from a wide range of devices and kits as well e-liquids, tanks, coilheads, MODs, and other accessories. We regularly update our range to provide you with the latest products on the market.

Focus on personalized service and guidance

At Q Vapehouse Online we offer more than just traditional online sales. The interactive website is designed to guide customers throughout the purchasing process and provide them with information. As e-shops can be somewhat impersonal, we place a high priority on the role of our employees. They answer all customer inquiries, give advice on the most suitable product selection and provide support even after the purchase has been made.

A dedicated team of experts can put themselves in the shoes of someone who isn’t sure where to start. As ex-smokers who have switched to e-cigarettes have the valuable experience and can understand the challenges that go along with quitting tobacco. The right advice that answers all your concerns and questions will help you cut down time and save money that you might otherwise spend on a long journey of experimenting with different products on the market.

From the first order, you can start using products that meet your needs and wants. Later on, it is up to you whether you want to upgrade, combine products, and try new options. Even in this follow-up phase, our sales team is always available for any questions.

Success, growth and vision of the future

Q Vapehouse Online has grown into one of the most trustworthy and renowned online shops specializing in the sale of e-cigarettes. Our success is mainly due to our satisfied customers returning to the shop as part of our community. We are trying to create an educational, professional, inspirational and personalized community in order to stimulate users’ journey toward a tobacco-free life.

A relentless focus on customer satisfaction drives us to continue to grow and explore less harmful alternatives to tobacco. Quitting the habit, which is an integral part of every smoker’s life, can be a scary turning point for many, so at Q Vapehouse Online we support anyone who wants to make this change and equip them with the right knowledge and tools to make the leap.