Shopify Sorting: All You Need to Know

Shopify sorting is important for increasing sales in an online store. Your Shopify store can be customized to enhance the customer experience and make it easier for customers to find the products they are looking for. Online businesses need to organize their products and collections on their sites in order to highlight the top sellers and highlighted products.

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What is Shopify Sorting?

Online stores have many products. Online store owners need to sort products according to different factors. Customers will find the product they are looking for easily if they can sort the products by color, size, best-sellers, and price. With just a few clicks, Shopify merchants can order or reorder products from the website.

Shopify: How to organize products

It is easy to organize products in Shopify. Shopify store owners need to start by creating collections on their websites. Shopify merchants have the option to create manual and automatic collections on their websites. You can create automatic collections by setting certain conditions on your websites.

Shopify Collection Pages

Shopify merchants must first add collection pages. Shopify merchants can arrange, rearrange, and reorder products from the collection page. Many website visitors convert to customers through collection pages.

Optimizing the collection page will increase traffic to Shopify and increase conversion rates. Shopify merchants have the option to add featured collections to Shopify in order to increase traffic.

Add products to your collections

  • Shopify merchants have the ability to add product descriptions, product titles, and conditions when creating an automated collection.
  • Shopify merchants have the option to click “All the Products” and then select the products. Click on the “More Actions” option to add the products into your manual collection.

The first step to organizing products on Shopify is creating manual and automated collections. You can also make updates to your collections using the featured images.

Shopify allows you to change the order of products

You will need to create a new collection and categorize products when you set up an eCommerce website.

  • Shopify Admin, and click on ‘Products.
  • Click ‘Collections” under the ‘Products’ option.
  • Select ‘Sort Order’ to drag products around.
  • Select ‘Move’ to arrange products. Select ‘Save’ after you have reordered the products.

Shopify Featured Collection

Shopify merchants have the option to add featured collections to Shopify filter by price. Shopify’s featured collection will show the products on the homepage. Shopify merchants have three options to add the featured collection to Shopify.

  • Click on the “Online Store” option and choose “Customize”.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Sections, and choose ‘Feature Product.
  • Click ‘Enable’ to add the products.

Add Featured Images to the Collection

Online business owners can upload featured images to their Shopify collections after creating them. It is easy to add a Shopify product image to your collection. The Shopify product image can be as large as 4472*4472 pixels. These are the steps to add a featured photo to the collection.

  • Select ‘Collections” under the ‘Products’ option.
  • To update the collections, click on the names.
  • Shopify merchants have the option to upload or change featured images. Select ‘Change Image’ and ‘Upload image’. To add the featured image to the collection, click ‘Save’.

How to Sort a Set from the Collection Page

Your customers will be able to select the products they want by adding filters to your collection page. The customer experience will be improved by sorting the products.

Your customers will be able to see all of your products on your Shopify store by listing them effectively. Your Shopify store defaults to sorting products alphabetically. However, eCommerce website owners have many other options to organize products and increase sales.

  • Shopify.
  • Select ‘Manual” under the section ‘Collection Type’.
  • After creating your collection, click on “All products” from the right side menu.
  • Add the products to your collections by selecting them.
  • Select the “Collections” option after you have added the products.
  • Shopify site owners have the option to sort their sites using the ‘Sort’ option. Select ‘Manually’ from the ‘Sort” menu. You can now reorder products according to your priorities.

Shopify: 4 ways to optimize your collection page

Optimizing your collection page can be one of the most effective ways to attract more customers to your site. We’ve looked at the best ways to arrange, rearrange, and reorder products on the collection pages. Let’s take a look at the best ways to optimize the collection page of your eCommerce store and drive more visitors to it.

  1. Use AI Chatbots

AI chatbots can be used as virtual shopping assistants on an eCommerce site. An AI chatbot is a great way to promote new products to customers if you own an eCommerce website. An AI chatbot communicates with customers like a human and makes product recommendations based upon the conversation.

A chatbot that is effective in AI can provide instant access to the most recent products. Chatbots can be used to sell products online. Chatbots can be used to chat with online shoppers and allow them to add desired products from their chat window. An AI chatbot can be added to the collection store to convert more visitors to customers.

  1. Sorting sub collections

Shopify allows online business owners to organize their collections into simple, nested, or discounted collections. Your online store will stand out from all others by creating collections and sub-collections. These are the steps for creating a subcollection within a collection.

  • Click ‘Pages’ under the ‘Online Store” option to create a page.
  • To add a new template, go to the “Themes” section.
  • Under the new template, create a page list-collections.
  • Copy your theme’s code to your “Themes” page.
  • Copy your “Theme Code” into the List-collections template, and then click Save.

Enter ‘Page List-Collections” on the collections page. Click on ‘Navigation” and enter the name of your collection. Now you can add the collections to the menu. After sorting through the Shopify collections, click on the ‘Theme’ option to add the collection link. Click the “Shop Now” button to view the products within the collections. It is a great way to establish priorities on Shopify by creating subcollections within a collection.

  1. Shopify Product Filters

Shopify has many product filters that can be used to organize your products. Shopify already has some filters, but online business owners can add more filters to help customers find the products they want.

  • Select ‘Theme’ from the ‘Online Store’ menu.
  • Click on the “Customize” option to go to the “Home Page”.
  • Choose the ‘Collection Pages” option from the drop-down menu, and then choose ‘Collection Template’.
  • The price, size and color tags can be added to the products. You can also change the color of the templates with the “Color Swatch” option.
  • Other filter options include vendor and tag filters.
  1. Collection of Best Sellers

It is important to properly sort out products in order to increase sales and traffic to your website. Shopify makes it easy to define a top seller collection and customize it. Shopify merchants have the ability to easily track which products are driving the most traffic to their website.

Shopify site owners have the option to go to the products section, and then sort them by “Best sellers”. It is simple to track which products are the most popular on Shopify by manually tracking sales reports. You will find all the sales reports options in the Shopify report section. These are used to track the top-selling products. Shopify offers several sales reporting options, including Sales by product, Sales per product SKU, and Sales Overtime.
Sales by billing location or traffic referrer

The Final Word

It is not easy to improve the customer experience on Shopify. These Shopify sorting strategies will help you make your customers’ shopping experience easier and more flexible.

Shopify merchants can enable customers to instantly add the products they want to their cart using the latest technology like AI chatbots. This reduces cart abandonment. Shopify’s product sorting strategies will increase your website’s sales by inviting more customers.

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