What Are Standard Tax Deductions?

Deductions from income

Tax deductions enable individuals and businesses to deduct certain expenses from their taxable income. This reduces their tax bill. You have the option of adding all your deductible expenses and providing proof to the IRS upon request, or simply deducting an amount without asking. This flat amount is known as the “standard deduction”.

Standard Deduction for 2022 vs. 2023 | Kiplinger

Basics of standard deduction

Standard deductions ensure that every taxpayer has at least some income that isn’t subject to federal income taxes. Inflation causes the standard deduction to increase every year. You have two options: itemizing or the standard deduction. You can’t claim them both at the same time. Many states that impose income taxes will allow you to claim the same type of standard deduction on your state’s income tax return.

Standard deduction amounts

Your filing status will determine the amount of your standard deduction. For example, married taxpayers can claim a standard deduction of $12,950 for single taxpayers. Married couples can file jointly for a $25,900 double deduction, while taxpayers who file as “heads of household” (unmarried individuals and dependents) can get a $19,400 standard deduction.

Standard deduction increases

The standard deduction in the federal income tax system is increased for taxpayers over 65 who are blind or partially blind. Blindness adjustments are allowed by the IRS for those who are partially or completely blind. Partly blind is defined by the tax code as having a field vision of not more than 20 degrees and corrected vision no greater than 20/200. You will need to have a certified statement from an optometrist backing up your claim. Many states offer similar adjustments to age and blindness.

Situations special

The federal standard deduction is not available to all taxpayers. If you’re married and file separate taxes, your spouse can claim the standard deduction married filing jointly. It is also not possible to claim it if either you or your spouse were non-resident aliens at any point during the tax year. The standard deduction is also not available if your accounting period changes and you file a return that is less than 12 months.

Standard deduction vs. itemizing

While it is easier to claim the standard than the itemized deduction, it can cost you more. The IRS recommends you take the time and run the numbers to determine which option offers you the largest deduction. National tax reports will assist you with this.For more details to visit website nationaltaxreports.com

You might want to itemize if your charitable contributions were substantial, if your mortgage interest and property taxes were paid on your home, or if there was a large out-of-pocket expense.


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