What Is Sugru? 25 Geeky Uses for Sugru

Sugru is amazing. Sugru is a flexible, affordable and rubbery substance that can be used to stick or modify almost any item.

We are sorry if you don’t believe us, but we will. These are 25 geeky uses for the stuff.

The rise and fall of Sugru, the British Blu Tack rival that almost  crowdfunded itself to death | WIRED UK

  1. Earbuds that fit your ears

There is nothing worse than earbuds that aren’t snugly fitted into your ears.

They are uncomfortable and can make your ears ring more. You can match your ear canal’s exact dimensions with Sugru. Sugru is also useful for fixing broken headphone cables.

  1. Glasses Repair

Glasses can be expensive. They are also very easy to break.

Enter Sugru. You can repair any damage or defects in your spectacles with just a few drops of this magical substance. Sugru can be used to replace a nosepad that has fallen off, as they often do. This will be moldable to your nose bridge to make them more comfortable.

  1. Magnet stands

Magnets and Sugru are a match made in Heaven.

They allow you to attach or detach metal objects without the need for glue or nails. Check out this video by the Sugru makers, in which they make a DIY bicycle lamp using the stuff.

  1. DIY Phone Wallet

Are you tired of carrying around too many things in your pockets? You can turn your phone into a keyring and credit card holder by making some simple modifications. You will need a little Sugru and this Instructionables guide.

  1. Repair frayed cords

The chargers for MacBooks are known for being fragile. The thin plastic sheaf that protects the wires is especially vulnerable. If you’ve got AppleCare, you’re fine. You can simply take it to the Apple Store and they will replace it right away.

This video offers a more affordable alternative. Hugh Jeffreys from YouTube shows you how to fix tired-looking charging cables with just $8 of Sugru.

  1. Moleskin and Sugru Tablet case

Moleskin notebook lovers are not uncommon. These notebooks are of exceptional quality and feel great to write on. The cases are sturdy and durable.

After you are done with your Moleskin notebook make a tablet case. You can transform it into the perfect Nexus 7, case with a little Sugru.

  1. Pen Holder

Never lose a pen ever again! You can make your own pen holders with a little Sugru and attach them to anything you like. They’re also a million times more embarrassing than a pen-protector.

  1. Repair Shoes

Sugru is flexible, strong and fully waterproof. Sugru is ideal for repairing shoes that have suffered wear and tear. This video will teach you everything.For more details to visit https://sugru.com/projects-inspiration/fix-repair/how-to-become-a-fixer

  1. DIY Oyster Card

An Oyster Card is as important as a credit card for Londoners.

The prepaid card can be used to access London’s public transport system at a low cost and easy rate. All you have to do is to hold it up to an RFID reader. However, the cards can be easily lost or stolen.

Make your Oyster Card keychain, or something simpler to remember. You can make your own Oyster Card with just a few tools (Sugru is one).

You can remove the chip from your keychain and place it in a Sugru blob with a chain attached. You can use your Sugru RFID ring to enter London’s underground trains by simply waving your hand as if you were John Anderton from Minority Report.


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