One clever home appliance innovation was overlooked at this year’s IFA trade fair in Berlin. It was among the announcements of compressorless fridges and door to door laundry systems.

While the LG Centum washers have a lot of cool features like WiFi connectivity and NFC connectivity (NFC), its most impressive feature is the new stabilization system, which should reduce vibration and noise.

It is evident that the Centum system has been thought out extensively.

While this may seem insignificant if your washer is in a basement or garage, it is an important consideration in European homes. In these homes, where space is limited and appliances are often located in the kitchen, a noisy washer can be a major problem. Stability is something that everyone who wants their washer to live a long, healthy life must pay attention to. Excessive vibration can cause premature wear of LG parts and lead to expensive repairs.

LG’s Centum system has replaced the spring supports that are common to washers with shock absorbers. It is similar to a car’s suspension. The shock absorbers help to keep the drum stable during the spin cycle. This theoretically reduces the wear and tear of the machine. The reduced vibration also means less noise.


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