Aurora Research Technologies “ART”:  A Story of Resilient Rebranding into Aurora Tech Labs “ATL”

Aurora Research Technologies “ART”:  A Story of Resilient Rebranding into Aurora Tech Labs “ATL”

From Aurora Research Technologies to Aurora Tech Labs ™

In 2019, Aurora Research Technologies “ART” was an emerging startup company with a strategic focus on growth and advancement. With a commitment to innovative product research and a clear ambition to thrive in a competitive industry, the company was on track for success. Unfortunately, their journey encountered an unexpected obstacle when they received an assertive letter from another company that since its founding in 1984 had established rights to the three-letter tradename ‘ART’. The company in question was Applied Research & Technology “ART”, subsidiary of Yorkville Sound, a Canadian company that specializes in the development of cutting-edge pro audio equipment that includes amplifiers, mixers, and digital audio interfaces. As per our sources, both the parent company and its subsidiary reached out to Aurora Research Technologies (ART) to express concern about the persistent use of “ART” in their online presence and SEO, which was leading customers to another unrelated company.

In response to the letter from Applied Research & Technology, which expressed concern about potential legal issues, Aurora faced a decision. Although the names of the companies, “Applied” and “Aurora”, differ in their initial words, both share the common terms “Research” and “Technology” in their names. The issue with using the ART tradename was that Aurora could use it, but could not engage in business or sell a long list of items in the world of technology and electronics under the ART name. Doing so would risk infringing on the other company’s rights to that tradename. Understanding that rebranding at a later stage would be far more costly and challenging, Aurora Research Technologies decided to rebrand their name early on to avoid potential legal issues.

Additionally, sources confirm that this issue was not foreseen or even mentioned by the offices of the Secretary of State where the business was established, in the state of Texas. The founding and registration of the LLC were indeed 100% legal and had no restrictions since the name was available. However, despite the legal establishment of the LLC, potential conflicts arising from the use of the ART tradename still presented a concern. According to our sources, legal experts confirmed that certain trademark laws apply only when companies are in the same industry. However, given that a larger company can use its financial power and influence to intimidate smaller ones, it was considered safer to concede and rebrand.

Having a three-letter trade name was crucial for this organization’s branding and recognition in their industry. Nonetheless, due to the presence of a multimillion-dollar company already using the ART trade name, negotiation for its use was not a viable option. As a result, the organization needed to explore alternative options for their desired three-letter trade name. Given these circumstances, the company opted to rebrand itself as Aurora Tech Labs (ATL). It’s noteworthy that the rebranding was met with a positive and enthusiastic response, as the new name was deemed more contemporary, concise, and featured a unique three-letter trade name “ATL” that wasn’t encumbered by any existing trademarks.

While the acronym ‘ATL’ is utilized in a variety of contexts – from designating the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, to featuring in a 2006 movie title, and representing several other businesses such as ATL Transmission and Automotive in Texas – Aurora Tech Labs holds no concerns over potential copyright or trademark issues. The differentiation lies within the industry context; Aurora Tech Labs operates within a unique line of business, separate from those using the ‘ATL’ acronym in different fields. Aurora Tech Labs has successfully acquired the ‘ATL’ trademark, effectively safeguarding its brand identity within the industry it operates. The acquisition of the ‘ATL’ trademark by Aurora Tech Labs effectively safeguards their brand identity within the industry they operate, showcasing their commitment to maintaining the integrity and recognition of the ‘ATL’ brand in their specific trade. Aurora Tech Labs confidently embraces its vision, backed by the strength of the ‘ATL’ brand.

The rebranding presented a formidable challenge, demanding a comprehensive overhaul of their old website,, which now points to the new one:, as well as the development of a new visual identity, including a new logo, graphics, and color scheme. The company had to update all legal and tax documents across the United States, along with their online presence, including social media accounts, email addresses, and directory listings. Additionally, the rebranding required updates to all printed materials, including business cards, brochures, and stationery. However, the company was able to maintain all their existing phone numbers, and the entire telephone system and directory was updated to reflect the new name. Emails were automatically forwarded to the new addresses, and the old website was redirected to the new site, ensuring a seamless transition without disrupting any ongoing projects. The company also had to inform all customers, suppliers, and partners of the new name and ensure that all employees were on board with the changes. Overall, rebranding a business involves a significant investment of time, resources, and effort, and can be a complex and challenging process, but with careful planning and execution, the transition can be seamless and successful.

Over time, the ATL name has become synonymous with providing reliable, high-quality products and services to a diverse range of consumers and businesses, gradually replacing its former name ART. This complex process and time-consuming endeavor offered valuable insights into the importance of being cautious when it comes to trademark-related matters. While trademarks differ from LLCs or incorporations, it is crucial to exercise prudence when selecting names, especially when considering using a trade name for the company. Although Aurora Research Technologies was not legally obligated to change their name due to the trademark issue, they opted to do so to avoid any potential risks and legal disputes. This scenario is not uncommon, as many businesses legally establish their LLC after confirming its availability, only to later discover that a (DBA) name created using the first letter of each word in their company name has already been trademarked.

For instance, let’s consider an entrepreneur wants to start a fashion clothing business and decides to name it “Kessler Fashion Clothing” and then wants to use the DBA or trade name “KFC”. They successfully register the business as an LLC since the entire name is available. However, using KFC as the trade name for Kessler Fashion Clothing would not be advisable, as it is likely to infringe on the existing trademark of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). An industry expert clarified the matter, stating that while it may be acceptable to answer phone calls at the company with a phrase such as “Good morning KFC!”, using the trademarked name in marketing or promotion would be a violation. The expert emphasized the importance of understanding trademark laws to avoid potential legal disputes. Trademark law aims to prevent consumer confusion and protect brand identities. Even though the new business operates in a different industry, using KFC as the DBA or trade name could lead to legal disputes and potential trademark infringement claims.

Furthermore, engaging in such legal disputes over trademark infringement can become extremely costly. The expenses associated with litigation, attorney fees, and potential damages can quickly escalate, possibly leading to financial ruin for the business owner. Not all companies feel the need to adopt a trade name, and some prefer to use their full company name as is, without resorting to a DBA or trade name. However, for some businesses, implementing a trade name serves as a marketing and branding strategy that provides a competitive edge, which can significantly impact their success or failure.

In the case of Aurora Research Technologies, the company was fortunate enough to avoid any legal disputes or financial challenges stemming from the trademark issue. By deciding to change their name early on, when rebranding was still relatively simple and cost-effective, they averted any harm to their reputation, legal costs, or court battles. Now operating under the name Aurora Tech Labs “ATL”, the company’s solid dedication to innovation has significantly contributed to its growth and development. The company’s journey to success is a reminder of the power of resilience, dedication, and ingenuity.

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Aurora Research Technologies “ART”:  A Story of Resilient Rebranding into Aurora Tech Labs “ATL”

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