Engagement Ring Versus Wedding Ring: Do You Need Both?

If your partner surprised and gifted you the perfect engagement ring you might wonder if you should add another ring once you are married. What is the difference between an engagement and wedding ring? As you are likely to be wondering, if your engagement ring is so special, does it make sense to add a marriage band? Or can you just keep your Engagement rings vancouver alone after you get married? Let’s answer these questions about wedding ring etiquette.

An Engagement Ring Versus a Wedding Ring

The traditional engagement ring usually has one main stone. This can be either a single or multiple stones. An engagement ring is often given in conjunction with the proposal or at an earlier stage of the engagement.

A wedding ring, on the other hand, is a traditional plain metal or diamond-encrusted eternity ring that you receive when you exchange vows and continue to wear. There is a significant price difference between wedding rings and custom engagement rings vancouver. Even if the wedding ring has diamonds or other gemstones inlaid, the total carat weight of these rings is usually less than the engagement ring.

Tradition can be thrown out the window. Taylor Lanore, a former public relations director at Lauren B. Fine Jewelry and Diamonds: Brides have more control over the design and choice of their rings. They are not only breaking with tradition but also choosing to diversify their wedding and engagement ring choices. She says that people are free to do whatever they like, and wedding bands allow them to express themselves more.

Taylor Lanore was the former director of public relations for Lauren B. Fine Jewelry and Diamonds

How to wear your wedding and engagement rings

Your wedding ring and engagement ring should be worn together on your fourth finger. Tradition dictates that the wedding band should be worn inside the engagement ring to keep it closer to your heart.

However, some brides choose to wear both their engagement and wedding rings on the same hand, especially if they are very different rings that cannot be stacked.

How to Choose Wedding Bands

Lanore recommends that wedding bands should be chosen at least two months in advance of the ceremony. This will allow you to account for any last minute wedding planning details and ensure that your rings are in production.

You can try your engagement ring out for a while to get a better idea of the type of wedding band that you prefer before making your final decision on the wedding ring. You might find your preferences change. Take your engagement ring out for a spin so you can get a better idea of the wedding band that you want closer to the big day.

Are You a Good Person?

It all comes down to personal preference. You can choose the more traditional look if you prefer it. A wedding ring and an engagement ring pair is timeless and beautiful, regardless of whether it’s a pave or plain metal eternity band. A recent trend is creating a stack with three or more ring(s) Bands, often featuring a mix of metals and styles.

It’s fine to wear one ring for your engagement and future marriage status. These are some reasons that many brides choose to only wear one ring.

  • A single ring can be more comfortable than a combination of a wedding band or engagement ring. Single rings can also look stunning on their own.
  • This ring is one less to lose (which is particularly important for those who are scatterbrained).
  • It doesn’t matter if you have two rings that match perfectly; sometimes it can be difficult to find a wedding ring that matches your engagement ring, even if they aren’t purchased together.
  • You can invest the funds normally allocated to both an engagement and wedding ring in a single, standout ring.

What is the bottom line? When it comes to designing and wearing wedding rings, there is no right or wrong way. You can choose to wear one, two, three or more rings. However, it is important that the ring(s) that you choose to represent your love and marriage has a lasting meaning for you.


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