The Story Behind “Fas de Angelina”

Have you ever heard the traditional Cuban song, “Fas de Angelina”? “Fas de Angelina” is a beloved classic from Cuba’s musical heritage. This delightful song has been passed down through generations and continues to capture the hearts of many. But what is the story behind this famous song? Let’s explore the history of “Fas de Angelina.”

The Origins of “Fas de Angelina”

The origin of this song dates back to 1864 when it was first performed by a group of musicians in a small village in eastern Cuba. The group was led by an elderly musician named Manuel Ulloa, who wrote the music and lyrics for the song. According to legend, Ulloa wrote the song as a tribute to his late wife, who had passed away several years earlier. As he played his music, Ulloa told stories about his beloved wife and her courage and strength during hard times.

The Legacy of “Fas de Angelina”

Since its debut more than 150 years ago, “Fas de Angelina” has become one of Cuba’s most beloved folk songs. It has been recorded by some of Cuba’s most famous singers, including Celia Cruz and Omara Portuondo, and remains popular today among both young and old Cubans alike. The lyrics tell a sweet love story between two lovers – one who is brave and strong (Angelina) and one who is shy but devoted (Manuel). Through its beautiful melody and touching lyrics, this timeless classic conveys an inspiring message that still resonates with listeners today.


Through its long lasting legacy, “Fas de Angelina” continues to be enjoyed by Cuban audiences around the world today. It reminds us all that love never dies—it lives on forever in our hearts no matter how much time passes or how far we are apart. Whether you are familiar with Cuban culture or not, “Fas de Angelina” is sure to bring a smile to your face with its charming tale of love everlasting!

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