Worst And Best Products To Dropship: How To Pick Items For Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping the best products are those you would buy.

What are the best products for dropshipping? Your ecommerce store’s main goal is to sell products that people buy. This means that the most popular dropshipping items will be the ones desired by your target audience.

35+ Best Dropshipping Products to Sell for Maximum Profit in 2022

  • Requirements

Dropshippers should consider this the most important parameter. It is not a good idea to stock your ecommerce shop with products that no one uses.

Google Trends is a great place to start a business. You can check to see if this product is popular.

Let’s look at the following graphs.

We were analysing the demand for three product types: sweatshirts, sweaters, and hoodies. These are warm clothes that protect the wearer from cold and provide additional comfort. This means they can solve the same problem for potential buyers. As you can see, demand levels for these products are completely different.

There is still a commonality. These graphs were created using the 5 year period. You can see the same pattern in the graphs of peaks and drops.

These fluctuations occur at a particular time of the year. There are certain periods in the year when demand is high and low. This means that these products are seasonal.

This is a good thing for product sourcing. However, it is important to remember that dropshipping stores that only sell seasonal products will have a lower volume and lower profits throughout the year.

You’ll also notice that the peaks & falls on the hoodie graph don’t seem as sharp as those on the sweater graph. This gives you reason to believe that hoodies are a more reliable product. You should still mix them with other non-seasonal products in a store sale.

For example, take a look at the white noise generator in Sellvia catalog.

The calming sound generated by this item will help you fall asleep. It can also help children go to sleep. According to Google Trends, this is why people are interested in the product.

As you can see the peaking is random and the demand for seasonal products is more stable than the other.

  • Unique

Dropshipping generic, boring products can have a major negative impact on sales.

Let’s talk about hoodies again and look at the next one. Have a look at these pictures:

This AliExpress hoodie costs $11.99, has a rating 5.0*, 141 reviews and 282 orders.

The item is moderately priced, has a clear, high-quality image, and a detailed description. This includes a size chart and many illustrations. Both the item rating and store rating are excellent. However, potential buyers will not be convinced by the low number or orders and reviews.

Here’s another example:

This AliExpress hoodie costs $10.10. It has a rating 4,7*, 3568 reviews and 1348 orders.

It is quite remarkable, right?

This hoodie has 12 times the popularity! It’s also cheaper than the one below. You have an enormous selection of prints to choose from, so there’s something for everyone! It’s clear that buyers are attracted to unusual prints, which is why there’s such a high demand for them.

It’s very easy to find a monochrome hoodie in almost any offline shop. You can order it immediately and wait for it to arrive. It is a very rare item in most stores and attracts more attention from customers.

Fashion is a great niche to find unique products. Fashion jewelry and accessories are the products that cannot be compared.

Every ring, bracelet or pendant is unique in its own way. It is often a matter of taste. However, proper dropshipping product analysis is necessary (we’ll cover that later).

This ring is from the Sellvia catalog.

It can be worn on your finger as a regular ring, or you can hang it on a necklace and use it as a pendant. It can also be removed to make an astronomical sphere. This item is unique, as you can see. Dropshipping apps like AliExpress: If a potential buyer can’t find something like it in a brick and mortar store, they have no other options than ordering it from your online store.

We now move on to the next product feature, which is a must-have for all dropshipping products.

  • Impulse purchases trigger

Impulse purchases are the main driver of dropshipping business growth.

The only way to make impulse buying more common is to create the right atmosphere. You can do this in many ways: a catchy store design , displaying intense buying activity and giving other buyers’ experiences. ).

These tools won’t help you if your products don’t appeal enough. Make sure you create the right conditions for website visitors so they are compelled to buy impulse products.

Let’s take a look at some other examples of hoodies. We will compare 2 products from the same seller to make it more fair.

The first item is a regular fleece jacket that retails for $16.63. It has been ordered 2 times, received a rating of 4.5* and has had 2 reviews.

The second item, a rabbit-ears jacket, costs $13.84 with 5385 orders, a rating of 4.9*, and 3247 reviews.

Dropshipping store owners often choose adorable, cute, and kawaii products. You don’t need to be limited to sweet stuff. Any product that instantly triggers strong emotions is a good choice. Look for products that can do this.

Below is an example:

Although this sad patch isn’t exactly adorable, it received 1594 orders and 1103 reviews. It also earned a remarkable 4,9* rating. It’s not bad, is it?

Or, take a look at this adorable enamel pin:

Although it can bring about a variety of emotions, you can still benefit from them. The pin is very popular, as shown by the 462 reviews and the 4.8* rating. As you can see, emotions matter!

This is another example of a Sellvia rattle toy.

You will find many of these items in baby products or goods for children. But, a product that is emotionally charged doesn’t necessarily have to be adorable! You can also find humor in it. Many customers are tempted to buy ironic or funny items because they want to share the “materialized joke” with others.

As an example, here’s the screaming chicken. Although it was originally made for dogs, it is loved by humans too.

  • Useful

A useful feature is another characteristic of the best products for dropshipping. This is what you should think about.

Every day, we buy lots of things: clothes, food, drinks, accessories and dinnerware. We also purchase toys and games and sports equipment. We spend a lot on stuff we don’t need. However, emotional products can be a trigger for impulse buying under certain conditions.

If the product is not available in a brick and mortar store, a person will purchase a cute product that they don’t actually need. If you don’t have the money to buy another pair of pants or are unable to afford them, it is unlikely you’ll purchase a cute but unutilized toy.

A useful product is a different story.

Every day, people are faced with many challenges. These challenges aren’t necessarily dangerous or hazardous. If you frequently lose your keys and need to search for them everywhere, it could be a problem. It’s also a problem if your smartphone is not in a convenient place and you feel uncomfortable.

These problems may seem minor to some people. Although they may not be major problems, a problem is still a problem. If a potential buyer is uncomfortable with something, you can offer a solution. You’ll be in high demand and make lots of sales.

This lazy snack bowl is an example.

You can watch videos on your phone and eat popcorn, sunflower seeds, nuts, or other similar foods. There’s an empty cavity in the middle where you can place the husk. You can watch your favorite videos in comfort while you’re sitting down or lying down on a bed.

You can also take a look this pet water bottle.

It’s more than a container that holds water. Any type of bottle can do this. This one has a tray that allows you to pour the water into, making it easier for your dog to drink. This product is great for pet owners who are taking long walks or going on long journeys and concerned about their pets’ health.

These items are clear and have distinct functions that solve particular problems. These items make your life easier, even if it is just a minor inconvenience.

Easy promotion is another important aspect of dropshipping products.

If you want to promote the pet bottle, I would make a video showing how simple it is to pour water into the tray and allow my dog to drink. That’s it! There’s nothing more to add. This is not a problem for dog owners who have to deal with this type of problem. The dog owner will find a solution.

Same goes for lazy snack bowl. If you enjoy spending your evenings like I did, you will instantly see a solution.

Dropshipping all types of tools and problem-solving products in your online shop is a smart idea.

  • Affordable

One rule applies: The lower the original seller’s cost, the greater your potential profit.

It is obvious that a low initial cost gives you the ability to charge a substantial markup, without disappointing your customers. Both you and your buyer should be satisfied with the item’s price.

You might decide to import the jacket from AliExpress, and then add it to your dropshipping shop.

It is a good item. The seller has a 4,8* rating and 50 reviews. There are 81 orders and free shipping. Only problem is the price. If the jacket’s seller charges $39.25, then imagine what the item will cost after you apply the markup formula .

It’s important that you click the “Check if this item is cheaper on other sellers” button. This feature is exclusive to AliDropship Google Chrome extension. You will have several options to match your search. If you choose one that suits you best, you can select this one:

This jacket is also great: it has a rating of 4.4*, 862 orders and 470 reviews. It’s free shipping. Although the difference isn’t huge, why not save $5 on both of these products?

It’s easy to determine which item is most beneficial for your store.

Sellvia’s offers include many items at very affordable wholesale prices. The supplier may not offer free shipping but the total price for the product and shipping is still lower than AliExpress. This allows you to compete with local retailers.

This foot massager from Sellvia is $13.99 with shipping included. It’s also cheaper than similar products on Amazon (shipping not inclusive).

  • Deliver quickly and inexpensively

You don’t need to charge shipping fees if you want to entice your customers into impulse buying.

Many people abandon online shops without completing orders because they are unhappy with the order total. It is not uncommon for people to abandon online stores due to high shipping fees.

AliExpress allows you to only select and import items that are free shipping. You can do this by ticking the box indicating that you want free shipping. Make sure to include the country you wish to have this product shipped to! This is how the results page looks like:

The United States is not eligible for free shipping from China to the United States. Unless you find sellers who rent warehouses in the US to your customers, they will need to wait several weeks. This can be a problem in certain cases but can result in financial losses.

You can focus your attention on the US market by subscribing to Sellvia.

Shipping to any US address is easy because the fulfillment center is in California. It takes only 1-3 business days. This competitive advantage will make your offer an attractive choice for average American buyers.

Dropshipping is a great way to get the best products at a competitive price

The product’s attractiveness in terms SEO is not what we mean by competitiveness. We will be discussing the dropshipping products.

  • Distinctiveness

Dropshipping products that help you distinguish are good. This topic was already covered when we discussed unique products.

It is important to create a unique store identity. This will make your online store more attractive to buyers and help you compete against AliExpress.

Dropshipping the best products from your store should reflect the same sentiment and mood. To attract buyers, consistency and integrity in the product offering are key to creating a positive store image. Take a look at the image below.

It might appear that these items could be included in one store offer. They are both unisex sweatshirts featuring soldier-related prints.

They aren’t exactly the same. However, they do generate different emotional reactions and each sweatshirt has its unique ‘tone’. Both are great options in terms of feedback and popularity, but your final choice should be based on the atmosphere you want to create in your store.

  • No brand or logo

AliExpress’s policy states that it is against the law to sell brand products on its platform.

This restriction is only applicable to internationally recognized brands as it’s intended to prevent fraud. Many AliExpress items are also’marked’ by local producers. Many products are marked with a logo or brand name.

Below is an example of a wallet with a brand name:

This example shows that an Asian-based company put their name on the item in a distinctive and clear way. They are therefore the best product to dropship.

They are usually not. If you want to create your own brand identity, it is best to avoid items that display the manufacturer’s name.

It is not always possible. Certain products, such as clothes and gadgets are not manufactured without the producer’s label. When working with these product categories, make sure to carefully review the description. You will only be able select items that do not have their brands names displayed openly.

This is a hoodie label that shows the product size (M), and Rumeiai’s name. It is very discreet, and it is not visible on any other parts of the hoodie. It is acceptable to add this item in your shop.

Sellvia products are the same: Most logos and manufacturer names are very discreet. If the product is manufactured in America, a distinct logo may be helpful for dropshippers. Today, many Americans are eager to support local entrepreneurs.

Sellvia’sdropshipping products have another advantage: all products come in white boxes and are unbranded.

How do you find the best products to dropship?

Okay, now we’ve covered the key features of a great product. How do you find dropship products with these features?

There are many ways to locate product ideas, and assess their potential. By browsing AliExpress and looking through social media, you can find the best products for dropshipping and analyse them using various web tools.

  • Web analysis

First, in Google Trends you can search for the top products to dropship. This service is free and shows you how interest changes over time for a particular search query. Google Trends can also show you related queries which can prove useful when searching for new ideas.

Keyword Planner is the second tool you can use. It is primarily used to determine which keywords should be used for optimizing your website. However, it also finds similar keywords. High search volumes can indicate which products are the most suitable for dropshipping.

Alternativly, you can also use Keyword Explorer to check the level of competition in specific niches. It also displays related keywords so the same trick can be used here. You can see that we used the same keyword to get a variety of suggestions.

You can also look at competitors on other platforms such as Amazon and eBay to see what they have to offer.

  • Social media search

Social media is now a platform for advertising, and you can find many ideas on there.

We recommend that you begin with Facebook as it is the most widely used social network. You can search for groups that are related to your niche and have 30K+ members. It’s a sign of a strong group if you find more than 10 groups. Analyze the communities of potential competitors and examine their content.

Instagram is a similar platform. You can browse the content of at least 10 groups that have more than 10 000 followers to get ideas.

Pinterest, like Instagram, is a place where many influencers, trendetters and bloggers are active. To find out what you can dropship, visit the popular accounts and the thematic boards.

YouTube can be a great source of inspiration if used as a search engine. You can also explore the trends in certain promising niches.

  • AliExpress Search

To find similar queries, you can first use the AliExpress search tool and its autosuggestion function. To ensure that there is enough demand, you’ll need to verify them through other methods.

If you already have ideas, you can check if these products are available on AliExpress.

Select your destination region in the “Ship To” section. Next, tick the box for “Free Shipping”. Only sellers who can ship these products to you at no cost will be shown in the system.

To narrow your search down to items that have been approved by buyers before, make sure to tick the “4* or up” box. To see the most in-demand goods, sort the results according to the number of orders. It is important to pay attention to items with at least 100 orders.

This is how the settings should look:

To evaluate the potential of a product you find interesting, open it in another tab. Pay attention to these aspects when doing this.

AliExpress has pages with information about the best products for dropshipping

Let’s say you have spotted a cool AliExpress item. You can imagine that the uniqueness, affordability, and strength of this product instantly grabbed your attention.

Is it a sign that you should import it immediately into your dropshipping shop?


You must first go to the product page and carefully review it before you proceed. This is because you will need to edit individual product pages in your store . This is an essential step if you want to increase your conversion rates.

It might be difficult for you to create an attractive item profile in your store if the AliExpress product page does not include the following information. Before you click the “Import” button, ensure that your product:

  • Pictures of high quality

If this item caught your attention already, it is most likely that its main image is excellent (or else, you wouldn’t have noticed it). A single image is not enough.

Take a look at this example:

It’s great value, it ships quickly, there is no shipping cost, and the preview image is excellent. However, the quality of the pictures is poor once you get to the product page. It is also the only image in the gallery. The description provides only 2 product-related images that provide little information. This is not the item you should be searching for.

Product images can be the best source of information for your shop visitor about this unknown item. To determine if enough pictures are available, check both the item description and the product gallery. The pictures should show the item in use. Also, close-up photographs should show the product details.

This is an example product that can be dropshipped more easily:

There are many variations of the product, and each one is clearly visible. To avoid confusion and misunderstandings, the seller provided a high-quality image. You can see the product from different angles and the photos are appealing and professional. The backside of earrings can be seen as well as the fastenings. Scroll down to the description box to see photos that show the size of the earrings. The description box also contains a measurement photo and photos of the earrings on a mannequin. You can easily edit the measurements picture, even though it contains unnecessary information like the company name.

  • Informative description

Online shoppers can’t touch or feel the item so many questions might arise about its features. To provide excellent customer service, you must be able answer all questions correctly and professionally. To make your store credible and trustworthy, you’ll need to describe the item.

You won’t like items that don’t include information about the size of the pendant or the length of the chain. You may not be able to determine the product’s actual material.

This lack of information can be disappointing for a necklace, or any other product that is simple, but not necessarily disastrous. What if the same happens to a product of a more complicated nature? How can you ensure that your customers are satisfied with the product? A potential customer won’t make a purchase if there is no reliable data.

  • Relevant reviews

AliExpress reviews serve two very important purposes.

They first prove that someone else has purchased the exact same item from this seller. AliDropship plugin allows you to import AliExpress product reviews.

These reviews become even more valuable when you install Customer gallery. This add-on allows you to let customers view real product photos taken by buyers before they buy and provides direct links to the products featured in these photos.

Review quality and content are important. Please see this example.

Although the reviews seem positive and authentic, the first review looks messy due to the automatic translation into English. Although you can see that the buyer was happy with their purchase, this review does not add credibility to your store. If they are in the target language of your audience, you should leave them untranslated or delete them.

A second purpose of product reviews, is to help you decide if you want to import the product directly to your shop. You might find a low-cost item that has high-quality photos and a detailed description under “New Arrivals”. Although it seems like a great find, there aren’t any orders for this item yet. You should add it to your shop.

The default review only confirms that the purchase was completed. Two other reviews provide more detail. You can view real photos and get more information about the pendant design. The buyers received their orders and seem very satisfied with the quality. It is definitely worth the effort!

  • Reputation as a good seller

Dropshippers tend to pay more attention to wholesale prices than to the reputation of sellers. This is particularly important if you import items with low orders and no feedback. This strategy is very common. Business owners concentrate on new markets with high potential.

You can’t trust the experience of previous buyers in this instance because there is simply no. It is better to look at the seller’s performance and rating. AliDropship plugin integrates a feature that assesses the seller on multiple criteria (time in operation and customer feedback, etc.). This is an example.

It looks great and is very affordable. It’s still new to the market. There has been only one order and no reviews. The seller is still reputable, with a high store rating. We can therefore assume that this supplier is professional and doesn’t sell low-quality items.

Dropship top products without any research

Another reason to choose Sellvia over AliExpress is that you don’t have to do any research in order to find the best products for dropshipping. The team has already done extensive market research and found interesting manufacturers. They have also provided everything needed to start a profitable dropshipping business.

Let’s take the first part as a guide!

  • Pictures of high quality

Here is a product image taken from Sellvia’s pages.

It is of exceptional quality, as you can see. Sellvia also made all product photos. This ensures that there are no manufacturer logos or details in the images. You don’t need to manually edit the images before you upload them to your store’s catalog.

  • Informative descriptions

This is a small excerpt of a Sellvia product description. It includes all technical details and explains how customers can benefit from the product. All explanations come with photos.

  • Relevant reviews

This screenshot shows customer reviews left after purchasing a product. These reviews are displayed on every Sellvia product page. You can see that they are positive and also include customer-taken photos. This is proof that the item works as promised.

This is not all. You can import the best products from Sellvia’s catalog and dropship them to your website in just a few clicks. This includes all of these elements.

Sellvia plugin allows you to upload product images, descriptions and variations as well as customer reviews, prices and shipping options. You can have a fully-constructed product page ready for customers in just a few mouse clicks. If you are unhappy with the suggested retail price by Sellvia, you can simply change the price.

The Sellvia plugin allows you to import product packages that contain goods from the same niche.

If you like the idea that you can create a product catalogue in just a few clicks, order a Custom Dropshipping Shop from Sellvia to get a fully-ready site without having to set anything up.



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